The 10 Minute Walk Initiative

The 10 Minute Walk Initiative is working with mayors across the country to create a world in which 100% of people in U.S. cities have safe access to a quality park or green space within a 10-minute walk of home by 2050.

According to the National League of Cities, in 2019, “parks and recreation was the number one subtopic across the country, with nearly 63 percent of mayors discussing it. No matter the region, mayors are increasingly focused on expanding parks and recreation-related facilities and activities.”1 And their citizens agree.

“In a recent national survey of 1,000 people in the U.S. conducted by PSB Research on behalf of 10 Minute Walk, reveals just how crucial these spaces are right now for maintaining physical and mental health, and how much of a role they’ll play as the country navigates a recovery. The survey found:

  • 81% of respondents agreed that increasing access to local parks and green spaces would help them enjoy the outdoors safely as states reopen.​
  • Around two-thirds of people agree that local parks and green spaces are important in maintaining physical (68%) and mental health (65%) during COVID-19.
  • Around two-thirds (66%) also agree that access to local parks has become increasingly important during the crisis.
  • Two-thirds of Americans agree that their quality of life would improve with better access to a park or green space within a 10-minute walk from their homes (66%).

While people agree that parks and green spaces are valuable, particularly now, millions in U.S. cities lack safe, easy access . Over 100 million people across the country, including 28 million children, don’t have a park within a 10-minute walk of home.”2

According to 10 Minute Walk initiative, “parks and green spaces are a critical community resource that must be maintained, improved, and expanded. They shouldn’t be considered luxuries, but necessities for creating healthier and stronger places to live, certainly now, and for many years to come.” They are building a nationwide movement to improve access to parks & green spaces while transforming communities.

Learn more about how 10 Minute Walk is working with city leaders around the country to help keep parks and green space top of mind.

Join the movement and support this initiative in your city! See which mayors have already committed to the 100% promise!

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1 “The One Thing That’s on Mayors’ Priority Lists Nationwide”, Bloomberg CityLab, Brooks Rainwater and Anita Yadavalli, 
May 23, 2019
2 PSB Research conducted online interviews among n=1,000 American adults age 18+ (nationwide) from May 13-14, 2020. 

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