WaterCentric Case Study

Open Space TX Leverages Experience to Unlock Efficiencies

Based on the depth of their experience and knowledge in the land development industry, Open Space TX was able to unlock efficiencies in the installation of a water management system that ultimately saved the client considerable time and money.

Client Background: WaterCentric was founded to combat the active destruction of our water resources by providing LifeCycle Water Management Services throughout the Western United States. WaterCentric provides their clients sustained water savings using their trademark LifeCycle Water Management system. Their focus is reducing up-front project development costs, operating expenses, & maintaining healthy, vital landscapes from project design to long-term water management. WaterCentric serves Developers, Landscape Architects, Property Owners and Landscape Professionals by planning, designing, managing and maintaining industry leading irrigation and water reclamation systems.

The Challenge: During the installation of a large water management system for a master planned community, project management difficulties arose that threatened a successful cost effective installation. Conflicts with the civil engineers, architects and the developer threatened to delay the installation and drive up costs on the project. A thorough understanding of the process from all aspects was required to overcome the hurdles presented. Project management that understood WaterCentric’s process in context was needed.

Why Open Space TX was chosen: WaterCentric was faced with the decision to add resources internally or hire an independent construction manager to help with the project. WaterCentric had professional relationships with Open Space personnel on other development projects and were well aware of their capabilities. WaterCentric asked Open Space to submit a proposal to step in and manage the project. After reviewing the proposed scope, an agreement was reached on a trial basis.

The project scope: Open Space was hired as an independent consulting contractor. Services provided were:

  • Design & Engineering oversight and management of internal and external resources
  • Permit application, submittal, and response through permit delivery.
  • Project Schedule Management (Gantt).
  • Job Site Construction Management and Task assignments for internal and external resources.
  • SWPPP Management and Reporting.
  • Permit inspections and close-outs.
  • Drone Services to document project progress.

The agreement was set-up as a “work in progress” subject to amendment with a retainer and payment rendered as services were performed.

Open Space TX uniquely serves WaterCentric: With over 30 years combined experience in landscape architecture, land development, design, management and installation of large master planned communities for large Texas developers, Open Space was uniquely positioned to meet the challenges presented by WaterCentric. Project management within the construction industry requires the ability to speak the language of all parties involved. Open Space not only speaks the language of the architects, engineers, municipalities and developers, but is able to translate for all to ensure the project is successfully, satisfactorily and efficiently completed.

Open Space shepherds a project from start to finish, including planning the sequence of actions to be taken: defining milestones, assigning roles, fostering team spirit, tracking progress, making adjustments to plans as needed, and reporting to the client. Open Space is founded on relational business and strong ethics rooted in doing things the right way. They listened to the contractors, engineers and design consultants to establish a ‘team’ with the ultimate objective to decrease cost, maximize efficiencies, and deliver a satisfactory outcome to WaterCentric.

The difference it made in the project: WaterCentric was experiencing tremendous company rowth and needed Open Space to join their resource pool on this fast moving project. They counted on Open Space’s ability to finish a project on time and under budget. The unique intricacies of the water reclamation installation were unfamiliar to the developer, landscape architect and civil engineer. Problems were quickly resolved by Open Space and the project was completed ahead of time and within the budget.

Key Results: Open Space provided regular monthly reports to demonstrate progress and prove value. Drone footage was provided to provide proof of project progress. Multiple cost saving efficiencies were realized. For example:

  • The easement to the project was not being correctly assessed. One of the first hurdles required Open Space to assist in the alignment of the WaterCentric line to regulations of city water to the mainline. Additionally, Open Space was able to successfully discuss the project with the municipality to explain why permitting was not required.
  • Timing suggested by the architect and engineer would have forced WaterCentric to install their lines after the infrastructure was already in place. This would have required WaterCentric to bore under existing sidewalks at additional expense with possible potential damage to the infrastructure.
  • Open Space was able to work with the engineer on behalf of WaterCentric to complete the work prior to the infrastructure development saving time, money and repair costs. Additionally, they were able to correctly recommend the use of existing sleeves to run the WaterCentric lines which saved time and money.

Summary: Open Space was able to bridge the divide between the client and the development team. Open Space was able to complete the installation by leveraging their experience and knowledge while unlocking unexpected efficiencies. Their original project scope was for the Phase 1 development and WaterCentric was convinced of the value Open Space brought to the project and has retained their services for the remaining phases of the development.

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