About Us

What We Do

Our approach is as unique as the project. When considering the needs of the Client and working with Designers, Contractors, a project requires the delicate balancing act of managing the budget, the set time frame and the delivery of a quality result.

We have the experience and the relationships that make it all work. We can manage great groups of contractors and consultants on a spectrum of projects (both public and private) to achieve authentic and cost-effective places. We are not just consultants or project managers, we are partners.

Project management is the process of shepherding a project from start to finish, including planning the sequence of actions to be taken, defining milestones, assigning roles, fostering team spirit, tracking progress, making adjustments to plans as needed, and reporting to the client.

Open Space is founded on relational business and strong ethics rooted in doing things the right way. We walk with our clients through a transparent and exciting process. We also listen to our contractors and design consultants to establish the ‘Team’. Our ultimate objective: Decrease Cost, Maximize Efficiencies, and Deliver a Lasting and Quality Space.

We build and manage the Team:

  • THE CLIENT – Our clients should be able to provide feedback in an honest manner, have a clear time frame, and a good understanding of what their project will entail both in construction cost and maintenance.
  • DESIGNERS – We work together with design consultants and realize our role in the project is not to counter their efforts but to ease the burden on balancing design and construction.
  • CONTRACTORS – Our contractors are our strongest advantage. Character, integrity, respect, and experience are crucial in delivering our projects — with that realization we seek to build relationships with every level of contractor (from the owner to the guy behind the shovel).