Maintenance & Service

Open Space TX offers maintenance and service on ALL playground equipment.

Kids are always finding new and inventive—but not necessarily safe— ways to play on or around playground equipment. And while they may scrape an elbow or bruise a shin, it’s important to take steps to eliminate the risk of more serious mishaps.

Maintenance issues contribute to approximately one-third of playground injuries each year. To ensure safe play, we believe playground maintenance and service are crucial to delivering an enjoyable play experience for all visitors.

A properly maintained playground keeps kids safe, but there are many other reasons for regular playground maintenance:

  • Check for Age Appropriateness – Separate play areas should be designed to accommodate the different skills and play styles of the age groups using the play environment.
  • Keep Children and Families Safe – Properly maintained grounds and equipment help minimize the risk of preventable injuries.
  • Protect Your Investment – Playground equipment, safety surfacing, shade structures, site amenities and site development are significant investments.
  • Limit Liability – Proper and timely maintenance of playgrounds and parks helps to manage risk and limit your liability if injury should occur.
  • Improve the Play Experience – Kids are shaped by play. If playground equipment is broken or otherwise unusable, children will miss out on great opportunities to play and grow.
  • Eliminate Environmental Hazards – The play area should be adequately shaded to protect against sun exposure and well drained.

Our team includes Certified Playground Safety Inspectors (CPSIs) who can inspect your playground to identify and repair any maintenance issue, complying with all the specifications provided by the manufacturer.

We can work with you to develop a cost-effective maintenance program. We will advise you of all current safety requirements, accessibility issues, proper maintenance techniques and maintenance schedules.

Our qualified team of professionals will monitor any playground maintenance or repairs that your playground needs. Common repairs include re-painting, cleaning, disinfecting, surfacing patch-ups or refills, wear and tear on moving parts, loose connections, entrapment areas, exposed footings and much more. After carefully inspecting the area, we will work with you to come up with a substantial, cost-effective, and long-term solution.